The BYOC Cloud solution provides flexibility and interoperability to the Genesys Cloud suite of voice services by allowing you to define SIP trunks between the Genesys Cloud AWS-based Edge and Media Tier and third-party carriers over the public Internet.  

To implement BYOC Cloud, you use the Telephony Admin UI to create SIP trunks between the Genesys Cloud Media Tier resources in AWS and third-party carriers or devices over the public Internet. The third-party carrier or device can be another cloud service or a device at the customer’s premises. 

For more information, see BYOC Cloud quick start guide.

  • BYOC Cloud involves Real-time Transport Protocol traffic traveling over the Internet between an organization’s regional Genesys Cloud AWS resources and the third-party trunk termination location. Consider your Internet infrastructure quality and latency before implementing BYOC Cloud. 
  • The third-party carrier or device must have a publicly reachable IP address, and the appropriate TCP/IP ports must be open.