A BYOC Premises Edge is a black box appliance with limited capabilities through local access.

You configure the Edge only through the following methods:

  • Genesys Cloud administrative user interface
  • The Edge LCD (optional)
  • The Edge USB Flash Drive (optional)

An Edge device pairs with only a single organization (yours) defined in Genesys Cloud. No other organization defined within Genesys Cloud can access or communicate with a paired Edge device.

An Edge provides no accessibility through other network-based connections, such as remote desktop protocol (RDP), telnet/SecureShell (SSH), web server, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server, and so on.

The hard drives in an Edge device use a RAID-1 configuration and an encrypted file system. Disassembly of an Edge device and removal of the hard drives exposes no customer information.

The advantage of an Edge is that there is no extraneous device maintenance required. All updates and configuration changes are performed through the Genesys Cloud user interface.