Modify a script variable

Normally, scripts modify the value of variables. But, you can manually change the value of any variable or change its name and description:

  1. To open a list of the variables known to the script, click the Variables tab. 

    Figure shows contents of the variables tab.

  2. Click the name of the variable to edit. 

  3. Update the variable name, description, or value.

  4. String, number, and true/false variables have input and output properties that determine how data is shared outside of the script. For information about these properties, see Input and output variables.

    1. Optionally enable the Output property to indicate that its value should be saved for use outside of the script. The variable is an output variable since its value is output to external storage when the script executes.

    2. Optionally enable the Input property to indicate that its value can be assigned from an external source, such as an Architect call flow. The variable is an input variable since its value is input from an external source.

  5. Click Apply.