Add inline images to email messages

As an agent, you can add an inline image to your email messages. An inline image is an image that is in the body of your email. It is not an attachment.

To add an image to your email:

  1. Create a new email message, Accept an email message, or Reply to an email message.
  2. Click the Insert Image button. 
    Note: Dragging and dropping an image will add it as an attachment. You cannot copy an image from a browser window and paste it in an email. 
  3. Find the image you want to add to your message and click Open. Images must be jpg, png, or gif files.
    The image is added into your message. You can resize the image if it appears too big or too small.
  4. When you are finished composing your message, click Send.
Note: If you discard your message, all text, images, and attachments will be removed.