You can access the topic miner from Admin > Quality > Topic Miner. For more information, see Access the topic miner. You can also create a new topic miner by importing a .json file from an external source.

This example demonstrates how to create a new topic miner.

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Add a new topic miner

To create a new topic miner, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Quality, click Topic Miner.
  3. Click Create a New Miner. The New Miner page opens.
  4. Under Name, add a descriptive name for the miner.
  5. Click the Language list and select the language in which to mine topics.
  6. To mine data from Genesys Cloud, perform these steps:
    1. Under Data Source, click Genesys Cloud.
    2. Under Date range, use the calendars to select the date range in which the miner searches conversations between the agent and the customer.
      Note: The conversation limit is 30,000.
    3. Under Media Type, select Chat, Call, Email, or Message transcripts.
    4. Click the Participants list and select whether to mine topics from internal agents, external customers, or both.
    5. Click the Queues list and select up to 50 queues from which to mine transcripts.
      Note: If you do not specify any queues, the system selects all queues by default.
  7. To upload a file from another source, perform these steps: 
    1. Under Data Source, click External File.
    2. Under File upload, click Click to upload.
    3. Select and upload the JSON file source.
      Note: To download and format conversation data from a preformatted template, click Example en-us JSON file or download this example.
  8. Click Confirm.

The mining process begins and the Miner Status column displays the progress. If the system encounters an error, you can open the session, review and correct the error, and then restart the session.

Note: From the Topics list, you can also create a new miner from an existing miner. Next to the miner that you want to copy, click More . From the menu that appears, click Duplicate. Follow steps 4–8 to configure and save the new miner.