Mine external chat, call, or message transcripts with the intent miner

Use the intent miner’s file upload feature to mine chat, call, or message transcripts from an external .json file. Use this process whether you mine for intents and utterances.

Metric Type Minimum Maximum
Supported file type JSON n/a n/a
File size parameters n/a n/a 100 MB
Conversation parameters Quantity 50 30,000
Turns per conversation Turns 1 500
Length of each turn Characters 1 500
Length of ID Characters 1 100
Language English only n/a n/a
Participant value

One of the following:

  • System
  • Agent
  • Customer
1 1

You can upload your own previously formatted .json file, or you can download and format conversation data from a preformatted template from the application.

Note: To use the preformatted template, click Example JSON file. Configure the template and upload it to use with the intent miner.

Upload an external chat, call, or message transcript

Click the image to enlarge.

Create a new miner page

  1. To create a new miner from a Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flow or a Genesys Digital Bot Flow, complete these steps:
    1. In Architect, open a new or existing Architect bot flow or digital bot flow.
    2. Under Insights and Optimizations, click Intent Miner.
  2. Click Create a new Miner. The Create a new Miner dialog box opens.
  3. Add a name for the miner.
  4. Under Language, select the language in which to mine intents or topics.
    Note: Currently, intent mining supports the following dialects: en-US, en-AU, en-GB, en-IN, en-ZA, es-ES, es-US, fr-CA, fr-FR, and de-DE.
  5. To upload your .json file, perform these steps: 
    1. Under Data Source, select External File.
    2. Under File upload, click Click to upload.
    3. Select and upload the JSON source.
  6. Click Confirm.

When mining begins, a new tile appears with the source displayed as “External File.” After mining completes, you can view and select the mined intents, utterances, topics, and phrases the same way that you do with the conversations you mine from Genesys Cloud.