Record a voicemail greeting

Use your phone to record and set up a custom voicemail greeting.

  1. Dial *86 or press the Messages or Voicemail button on your selected phone to go to your voicemail inbox.
    Note: To reach your voicemail from a selected remote phone in Genesys Cloud from the Dialpad, press *86.
  2. If you are not logged on to Genesys Cloud, enter your extension and voicemail PIN.
  3. Say “Options” or press 3.
  4. Say “Personal greeting” or press 2.
  5. Say “Record greeting” or press 2.
  6. Record your greeting.
  7. Press # when you have finished recording your greeting.
    Note: The maximum recording length for voicemail greetings and name prompts is 60 seconds.
  8. Choose from one of the following options to complete your voicemail greeting recording. 
    • To save your recording, say “Save prompt” or press 1.
    • To listen to your recording, say “Review” or press 2.
    • To record again, say “Rerecord” or press 3.
    • To leave the menu without saving your recording, say “Cancel” or press 4