Add Workforce Engagement Management to your subscription


Any of the following Billing permissions:

  • Billing > All Permissions
  • Billing > Subscription > Add
  • Billing > Subscription > View

Upgrade your subscription to include Workforce Engagement Management (WEM). If you are a Genesys Cloud 1 or 2 customer, you can access Genesys Cloud 3-level WEM capabilities for a subset of users by upgrading with the WEM add on.

Organization are billed for the following two scenarios:

  • Administrator role (permission) – All users who have administer permissions for WEM related capabilities will be billed for the WEM add on product.
  • Agent use – All users who are the subject of WEM related capabilities will be billed for the WEM add on. The following is a list of some of the features that will be billed when used.
    • When a schedule is created for the agent using the WFM Scheduler.

    • When an evaluation is assigned to an agent. This only applies if your base license is GC1. Quality Management is included in GC2.

    • When a web survey for an agent is sent for feedback.

    • When a call is transcribed using Genesys Native Voice Transcription or a digital interaction topic is spotted for any agents associated with the interaction.

    • When a call is transcribed using Extended Voice Transcription Services (EVTS) and a topic is spotted for any agents associated with the interaction (in addition to EVTS charges). For more information, see How much does Extended Voice Transcription Services cost?.

        Feature coming soon: Extended Voice Transcription Services (EVTS)

    • When a coaching session is scheduled for an agent.

    • When a module is assigned to an agent.

    • When a gamification point is generated for an agent.

    • When a screen is recorded for an agent. This only applies to systems with a GC1 base license. Screen recording is already included in GC2. 

Existing Genesys direct customers can add the Genesys Cloud WEM Upgrade add on in the Genesys Add Ons area.

  • If you are a Genesys Cloud partner or partner customer, click Genesys Add Ons to prompt you to contact your sales representative.
  • Administrative users with Master Admin, Performance Management Admin, Quality Admin, or Quality Evaluator type roles may be billed immediately for the WEM Upgrade add on once your org is upgraded. Check your roles and remove the following permissions to prevent incorrect billing:
    Genesys Cloud 1 add on Genesys Cloud 2 add on
    analytics > surveyAggregate > view analytics > surveyAggregate > view
    coaching > all > all coaching > all > all
    gamification > all > all gamification > all > all
    learning > module > all learning > module > all
    quality > calibration > All quality > survey > All
    quality > evaluation > All quality > surveyForm > All
    quality > evaluationForm > All recording > screenRecording > All
    quality > survey > All recording > settings > editScreenRecordings
    quality > surveyForm > All speechAndTextAnalytics > all > all
    recording > screenRecording > All workforce management > adhocForecast > All
    recording > settings > editScreenRecordings workforce management > agentSchedule > sync
    speechAndTextAnalytics > all > all workforce management > agentSchedule > utilizeLoadBased
    workforce management > All > All workforce management > businessUnit > All
    wfp > decisionsDataDownload > download workforce management > historicalAdherence > view
      workforce management > historicalData > upload
      workforce management > intraday > view
      workforce management > planningGroup > All
      workforce management > realtimeAdherence > view
      workforce management > schedule > generate
      workforce management > schedulingrequest > All
      workforce management > serviceGoalGroup > All
      workforce management > serviceGoalTemplate > All
      workforce management > shiftTradeRequest > All
      workforce management > shortTermForecast > All
      workforce management > timeOffRequest > All
      workforce management > workPlan > All
      workforce management > decisionsDataDownload > download

To add WEM to your subscription, perform these steps:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Account settings, click Genesys Add Ons. The Genesys Add Ons page appears. 
  3. In the Workforce Engagement Management tile, click Activate. The Activate dialog box appears.
  4. Select the I accept the Genesys Terms of Service checkbox.
  5. Click Activate.

While Genesys Cloud sets up your service and updates your billing, a progress spinner appears. When the process completes, your new services are ready to apply to users. For more information, see Assign roles, divisions, licenses, and add-ons.


Genesys Cloud User 1 WEM Upgrade II 60.00 66.00 78.00 84.00 48.00 42.00 240.00 7,200.00 852.00
Genesys Cloud User 1 WEM Upgrade II Concurrent 84.00 92.00 109.00 118.00 67.00 59.00 336.00 10,080.00 1,193.00
Genesys Cloud User 2 WEM Upgrade I 40.00 44.00 52.00 56.00 32.00 28.00 160.00 4,800.00 568.00
Genesys Cloud User 2 WEM Upgrade I Concurrent 56.00 62.00 73.00 78.00 45.00 39.00 224.00 6,720.00 795.00

Note: For organizations that have a concurrent license, the billable user count will be calculated according to the concurrent peak for the set of users who used WEM features (as applicable for GC1/2 WEM Add-On) at some point in a given billing month. Concurrency is measured based on when users are logged in, not when they are using a feature.   

For more information about volume discounts, contact your designated Customer Success Manager.

Date Revision
Feb 23, 2022

The base pricing of the WEM add-on has increased. The Pricing section of this article has been updated with the latest pricing information.

December 8, 2021

As of this release, billable WEM Add On users (agents) will be counted according to when WEM features are used. Previously, billable WEM Add On users were counted according to when the participant permission was added for the user.

Oct. 28,2020

Pricing reduced for all upgrades.

July 15, 2020

Added Genesys Cloud User 1 WEM Upgrade II Concurrent and Genesys Cloud User 2 WEM Upgrade I Concurrent pricing.

June 24, 2020

Article posted.