List of the Genesys Cloud release notes that include the data privacy and security release notes tag.
August 30, 2023

Customer engagement

  • Conditional group routing as the timeout routing method for preferred agent routing
  • Require the WebRTC Media Helper
  • Custom music for agent-initiated hold duration
  • End interactions automatically when agents logoff
  • Improved media handling for outbound message attachments

Data, analytics, and reporting

  • Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Norwegian, and Swedish programs, topics, and phrases support
  • Introducing the Genesys Cloud Analytics Add-on (A3S)
  • Campaign Interactions Detail view and Dialer Campaign Detailed Attempt History Report for outbound campaigns

Open platform

  • Genesys Cloud for Chrome extension update
  • Calling party ID in p-asserted identity SIP header
  • Yealink headsets support

Self service and automation

  • Additional formatting for knowledge workbench v2 articles
  • Test digital bot flows in real time
  • Intent health in Architect bot flows and digital bot flows

Workforce engagement

  • Quality evaluation scores now available as a gamification metric

Deprecations and announcements

  • US/CA 10DLC (10-Digit Long Code) SMS numbers purchase requirement
  • Arrow Electronics partnership and end of preconfigured edge appliances program
  • Deprecation: CX digital agent workspace (digital desktop only)
  • Japanese translation of “idle” inconsistency

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