canned responses

February 13, 2019

Contact center

  • Canned substitutions localization change
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October 5, 2016


  • Developer Forum
  • Developer Center code samples and tutorials for API calls
  • SDKs for JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and C#


  • Bulk import for phone configurations

Contact center

  • Permissions for Dashboard, Queues, and Agents views
  • Support for HTML formatting in responses and ACD emails
  • Secure pause button
  • Dutch and European Spanish language support in Architect
  • Third-party call list cleansing service
  • No-answer timeout campaign setting
  • Real-time schedule adherence
  • Maximum number of agents per management unit
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March 23, 2016

Contact center

  • Response management
  • Email routing
  • French and German IVR prompt files and runtime playback support in Architect
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