Developer Forum

The new Genesys Cloud Developer Forum is an interactive and collaborative environment where third-party developers can ask questions and discuss topics related to using the Genesys Cloud Platform APIs. Interactive Intelligence developers monitor the forum and participate in dialogues with API users. The forum is the first line of support for customers and partners who work with the APIs. For more information and to join, see Genesys Cloud Developer Forum in the Developer Center.

Developer Center code samples and tutorials for API calls

New code samples and tutorials are available for multiple development languages to give developers a head start working with Genesys Cloud APIs. For more information, see Tutorials in the Developer Center.

SDKs for JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and C#

New SDKs are available to help simplify integrations to Genesys Cloud. The SDKs provide client libraries that wrap the REST calls in an interface that is easy to use. For more information, see Software Development Kit (SDK) in the Developer Center.


Bulk import for phone configurations

Administrators can now use the import feature to bulk import phone configurations into Genesys Cloud. For more information, see Import phones

Contact center

Permissions for Dashboard, Queues, and Agents views

Administrators can assign new permissions to users to enable them to view the Dashboard, Queues, and Agents views. For more information, see Products, roles, and permissions list.

Support for HTML formatting in responses and ACD emails

A new toolbar allows administrators to add HTML formatting to canned responses. For more information, see Format canned responses.

Agents can also add HTML formatting when sending responses and ACD emails. For more information, see Work with email interactions.

Secure pause button

A new Secure Pause button in the call control interface allows agents with the appropriate permissions to manually pause call recording while the caller or contact enters sensitive information. For more information, see Work with voice interactions.

In organizations that use secure pause as a script action, agents can use the script button or the new call control button.

Dutch and European Spanish language support in Architect

Core IVR prompt support in Architect is now available for Dutch (nl-NL) and European Spanish (es-ES). Core support includes recording prompts for Booleans, datetime values, numbers, durations, and string data types. A future release will include ordinal number and time ranges. For more information, see Genesys Cloud supported languages.

Third-party call list cleansing service

Genesys Cloud outbound dialing now allows telephone number scrubbing against third-party web services from Gryphon Networks and Contact Center Compliance Corporation to filter out Do Not Call numbers from call lists. For more information, see Do not call lists view.

No-answer timeout campaign setting

A new outbound dialing campaign setting allows administrators to indicate how long calls remain in a ringing state (neither connected or answered) before the system disconnects them. This timeout is configurable on a per-campaign basis for all dialing modes except Preview. For more information, see Create a new campaign.

Real-time schedule adherence

This feature allows agents to see their real-time schedule adherence, and allows supervisors to see agents’ adherence. For more information, see Real-time adherence overview.

Maximum number of agents per management unit

The maximum number of agents allowed in a single management unit, which was previously 250, is now 500. For more information, see Workforce management supported configuration.