Contact center

New features and functionality

  • Response Management
    • Response Management is now available in Genesys Cloud Engage. All channels now allow the agent to browse or search for canned responses. Admins can add responses and organize them into libraries. These responses are displayed to agents when handling any interaction.
  • Agent interface enhancements
    • New layout for voice and chat interactions
    • Ability to open call notes and wrap-up codes in a new panel
    • Timers when managing multiple interactions. When connected to multiple chat interactions, agents can quickly find the interaction that has been waiting for a response the longest.
    • Easy panel access to Response Management
    • Improved transfer screens that show the agent presence, activity of the user, or statistics for ACD queues.
  • Email routing
    • Email routing has been added to Genesys Cloud Engage as a new media channel. Incoming email messages can now be routed into an ACD queue and assigned to the most appropriate agent by the ACD system (support for skills and priority). Agents can reply directly within the application using Response Management or by entering the response.
  • French and German Runtime Data Playback Support for Architect
    • IVR prompt files and runtime playback support are now available in French and German
    • Please visit the library of System Prompts and Runtime Data Playback support resource pages for more information
    • Please note, runtime support of an IVR language is separate from Speech Recognition. For a list of all languages that Genesys Cloud supports, and the manner in which it is supported, please visit the Supported Languages in the Resource Center.