Contact center

IVR Flows Destinations view

Contact center managers can now see how voice interactions enter, exit, and disconnect from IVR flows. This information helps managers determine call traffic and caller behavior throughout call flows. For more information, see Flows Destinations view.

Queues Activity view improvements

Contact center managers and supervisors can now see more data and details about the current interactions and agents in queues. The Queues Activity Summary view now includes Longest Waiting and Longest Interaction columns. The Queues Activity Detail view now includes configurable columns, more data about ACW and Hold times, additional Abandon and ASA metrics, and enhanced status filtering. For more information, see Queues Activity Summary view and Queues Activity Detail view.

Queues Performance menu access update

The Queues Performance menu option is no longer available in the Performance menu. Contact center managers and supervisors can access the Queues Performance views, and all other Queues views, from the Queues menu option. For more information, see Queues views overview


Classic Queues views deprecation

On January 8, 2020, Genesys will remove the Classic Queues views. For more information, see Deprecation: Classic Queues views.