WebRTC Softphone SDK

Developers can now use the WebRTC Softphone SDK to perform basic WebRTC phone functionality. The SDK supports inbound and outbound WebRTC audio sessions. For more information, see WebRTC Softphone SDK in the Developer Center.


Media metrics and diagnostic recording enhancements

Telephony administrators can now use the automatic speech recognition and keyword spotting recording features to more easily find and analyze statistics. These features are available in the Diagnostic section of the Edge groups configuration page. For more information, see Edge group settings. This feature requires Edge and Media Tier version or later.

Contact center

Increased agent limit in workforce management units 

Supervisors and contact center managers can now add up to 1000 agents to a single management unit. Previously, this option was limited to 500. For more information, see Workforce management supported configuration and Work with agents in a management unit.

Workforce management shrinkage percentage intervals

Administrators and contact center managers can now specify shrinkage percentage in 15-, 30-, or 60-minute intervals per day for a model week. Previously, the interval was only 15 minutes. For more information, see Add a management unit.

Status duration in the workforce management real-time adherence view

The real-time adherence view now includes a Status Duration column. This column displays the agent’s length of time in the current status. For more information, see Navigate the real-time adherence view.

Workforce management intraday monitoring enhancements

Supervisors and contact center managers can now export intraday monitoring data for every queue into one file. The exported file also includes the Time column, with a relaxed ISO datetime format that honors the selected time zone setting. For more information, see Export intraday monitoring data. The view also includes a new option to view data in 15-, 30-, and 60-minute intervals. Previously, the only available interval was 15 minutes. For more information, see Set display options in Manage the displayed metrics.

Workforce management schedule editor enhancements

The schedule editor now includes an option for the granularity of drag and drop. Additionally, supervisors and contact center managers can now replace one or more activities in a schedule with another activity, and when viewing by day can copy shifts to other days and agents in the schedule. For more information, see Replace an activity in the schedule, Copy a shift to other agents, and Copy a shift to other days in the schedule.

Save filter and column settings in performance views 

Contact center managers can now save filters and column settings for select performance views. This feature allows managers to quickly switch between different data in a single view and easily use the view for multiple purposes. For more information, see Save a view’s filters and column settings.

External contacts now includes an option to add a link to an external system or website for external contact records. This feature enables agents and business users to directly access a contact’s profile in an external system. For more information, see Find, view, and verify a contact’s profile.

Finnish language support

User interface support in Genesys Cloud is now available for Finnish Finland (fi-FI). For more information, see Genesys Cloud supported languages.