Improvements to Documents dashboard

The enhanced Documents dashboard allows users to quickly reference recent documents and easily navigate to their workspaces. For more information, see Documents dashboard.


Support for Polycom VVX 101 and 201 phones

Genesys Cloud now provides managed phone support for Polycom VVX 101 and Polycom VVX 201. For more information, see Managed phones: models and features matrix.

Contact center

Utilization option for non-ACD calls

A new ACD configuration setting provides the option to include both ACD and non-ACD calls when determining if an agent is at their maximum capacity for interactions. For more information, see Configure agent utilization.

Change to the way that Genesys Cloud ACD assigns agents to interactions   

Previously, when assigning agents to interactions, Genesys Cloud ACD looked for the longest available agent. Now, Genesys Cloud ACD tracks the time an agent last handled an ACD interaction and uses that information to determine who receives the next interaction. This change prevents an agent from toggling their status to avoid receiving interactions. For more information, see ACD evaluation and routing methods and Agent availability.