Configure agent utilization

  • Routing > Utilization Manage permission

Utilization settings affect all agents in your organization.

Suppose that you configure utilization to allow voice interactions to interrupt chats. If an agent is handling one or more chats and receives a call, then the agent receives an alert. When the agent answers the call, the chats remain active, but for the purposes of analytics, the “hold” time does not count toward handle time calculations. The caller and agent can continue to send chat messages even while the agent is on the call.

To configure utilization, follow these steps:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Contact Center, click Utilization. The Manage Utilization dialog box appears.
  3. Under Maximum Capacity, specify the maximum number of interactions to allow for each interaction type. For example, if you want an agent to work on up to four emails at one time, then set the Email maximum capacity to 4.
  4. Voice only: To include non-ACD interactions in the maximum number of calls allowed for the agent, select the Include non-ACD conversations check box. 
    Note: If you select this check box, PureCloud includes both ACD and non-ACD calls when considering maximum capacity. For more information, see Include non-ACD conversations in utilization.
  5. (Optional) Under Can be interrupted by, specify the interaction types allowed to alert agents while they handle interactions already assigned to them. For example, if you want to alert an agent that is currently handling a chat of an incoming call, then on the Chat row, add Voice. 
    Note: The order in which you add interaction types does not indicate priority of one type over another.
  6. Click Save.