Genesys Cloud - October 16, 2015


New features and functionality

  • Inbound OneNumber Fax
    • Provides inbound fax detection using the configured work number for the user.
    • Allows the user to receive faxes directly to their Genesys Cloud inbox.
    • Permission based feature so it can be turned off or on by role.


New features and functionality

  •  Public sharing
    • Ability to share documents with external parties via a simple link.
  • Ability to configure security profiles for document access.


New features and functionality

  • Web Services Data Dip Connector
  • Salesforce Data Dip Connector
  • Zendesk Screen Pop Connector
    • Added configuration for the Zendesk Open Ticket By ANI action to pop a new ticket never, always, or only when an existing ticket is not found.
    • Added the ability to add custom data to new tickets popped by the Zendesk Open Ticket By ANI action by setting a custom field in Zendesk.
    • For more information, refer to the Release notes for the Zendesk Screen Pop Connector article.