Genesys Cloud – Features coming soon

This preview lists the features scheduled for the next Genesys Cloud release. The features will not be live in Genesys Cloud until May 20, 2024. The feature descriptions in the May 20, 2024 Genesys Cloud Release Notes will contain links to the accompanying documentation in the Resource Center or Developer Center. For information about upcoming Genesys Cloud feature releases, see the Feature releases and Announcements sections in Genesys Cloud Release Notes.

Feature availability may vary and is based on factors such as, but not limited to, region readiness, product licensing, and the Genesys release schedule. For more information, see the Genesys Cloud release schedule.

Auto-answer functionality for agents in preview campaigns

Administrators can now enable auto-answer functionality for agents in a Preview campaign to improve efficiency.

Dynamic edge resource utilization for automated outbound dialing

Administrators can now set a weight value on an outbound voice campaign. This weight determines the allocation of more or fewer dialing lines and is based on its value compared with other campaigns using the same Edge resources.

Improved interval granularity for ad-hoc exports

Contact center managers and supervisors can now select various interval lengths for a selected time period during ad-hoc exports. This feature enhances control over exported data and offers more granular insight for larger time periods.

Genesys Agent Assist summarization Spanish support (preview)

Genesys Agent Assist summarization is now available in preview for Spain Spanish (es-ES) and United States Spanish (en-ES).

Genesys Tempo Chinese Simplified Mandarin, Czech, Danish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Ukrainian language support

Genesys Tempo support is now available for Chinese Simplified Mandarin (zh-CN), Czech (cs), Danish (da), Portuguese Portugal (pt-PT), Russian (ru), Turkish (tr), and Ukrainian (uk).

Knowledge workbench Catalan, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Turkish language support

Knowledge workbench is now available for Catalan Spain (ca-ES), Danish Dutch (da-DK), Finnish Finland (fi-FI), Norwegian Norway (nb-NO), Swedish Sweden (sv-SE), and Turkish (tr-TR).

Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows, Genesys Digital Bot Flows, knowledge workbench, and digital Genesys Agent Assist Chinese (Traditional/Cantonese) language support

Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows, Genesys Digital Bot Flows, knowledge workbench, and digital Genesys Agent Assist language support is now available for Chinese (Traditional/Cantonese) (zh-HK).

BYOC Cloud TLS X.509 certificates

On August 21, 2024, Genesys will renew the BYOC Cloud TLS X.509 certificates. Organizations that use a secure TLS trunk with BYOC Cloud do not need to take action if the DigiCert Global Root G2 (apne3, euc2, mec1) or DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA (all other regions) were previously accepted. Administrators can confirm renewal via the procedure in TLS trunk transport protocol specification.

Insights visual charting for supervisors

Supervisors can now use additional charting features in the Insights view. These features facilitate an effortless visual comparison between the performance of a chosen group of agents and the performance of all agents in a gamification profile. Also, Genesys substituted the arrows in the Insights table, previously used for horizontal navigation, with a horizontal scrollbar.

Deprecation: BYOC Premises Edge Remote Survivability

On November 27, 2024, Genesys will no longer support the BYOC Premises Edge Remote Survivability feature. Genesys is ending support because a BYOC Premises Edge that loses an internet connection is unable to deliver predictable IVR flows and loses the ability to route ACD calls to active agents. Also, all AI features that require real-time media processing will no longer be available.

Deprecation: Active screen recordings UI

On March 27, 2024, Genesys will remove the Manage active screen recordings UI and replace it with a count of active screen recordings on the Recording Management UI. Along with the removal, the corresponding APIs will also be deprecated and will not support new features in the future.

Note: This feature list is subject to change.