Workforce management and HR System Integration (HRIS) allows communication between Genesys Cloud and an external HR system that supports JSON REST APIs. This integration enables Genesys Cloud to receive time-off balances from the HRIS and show the agent/manager the current balance at Genesys. You can set up time-off requests for auto approval in Genesys Cloud, based on the time-off limits and agent balances. For more information about time-off balances, see Work with time-off requests.

To ensure that integration proceeds seamlessly, configure the integration system using Architect workflows and data actions. The integration supports any HR system that uses JSON REST API endpoints. For more information about blueprints to help you build an integration, see the WFM HRIS blueprint.

Note: The blueprint is specific to the Bamboo HR System. If you use any other HR system, then use the blueprint as a guide to set up Architect flows and data actions for your integration. Genesys recommends that, to set up the HR system, you are familiar with the APIs of your HR system.