The following permissions:

  • Architect > Flow > Add
  • Architect > Flow > Edit
  • Architect > FlowView

Use a voicemail flow to customize the behavior when a person leaves a voicemail or to add more voicemail support.

Because Architect run easily customizable flows in any language, Genesys Cloud implements the ability to leave voicemails within voicemail call flows. However, users experience no changes to the way they currently retrieve their voicemails or to the way that they configure voicemail options such as PIN, greeting, or name prompts. This feature only affects the way voicemails are recorded and submitted. To learn more about the Architect voicemail flow, review these articles.

Article Description

Voicemail flow overview

Learn how Architect handles the default voicemail flow.

Set up default action settings

Set up default action behavior.

Set default event handling behavior

Configure how Architect behaves when an error occurs, such as an invalid entry made by the interaction.

Configure default menu settings

Set default menu settings such as the number of times to repeat the menu, menu selection timeout, whether to listen for extension dialing, and the maximum delay for extension dialing.

Default speech recognition settings

Select whether to enable speech recognition for the entire flow, company directory options, and default flow-level speech settings.

Choose supported languages

Select the languages you want to support in the voicemail flow and set the default language for the voicemail flow.

Manage data resources in the flow

View and configure flow data resources, review locations where the resources appear within the flow.

View dependencies in the flow

See the interaction between the objects that make up the flow, and the flow itself. Architect supports the ability to track dependencies for objects used in a flow. 

About Architect

Find more information on flows, including configuring default settings; managing flows; dependency searches; flow design resources; and tips, best practices, and troubleshooting. 

Architect permissions overview

Architect permissions are based on flow design tasks, or job functions. An administrator from the Genesys Cloud organization must assign the appropriate permissions to an Architect user. 

Task and state editor actions

Learn about the task and state actions that you can use within voicemail flows.
Voicemail collection in the Architect default voicemail flow Learn how Architect logic works to collect voicemail snippets.
Configure a voicemail flow to allow a caller to opt out of voicemail Configure the Architect voicemail flow to allow an inbound caller to opt out of directing to a Genesys Cloud user’s voicemail.