Work with survey invite flows


The following permissions:

  • Architect > Flow > Add
  • Architect > Flow > Edit
  • Architect > FlowView

Administrators and contact center managers can use web surveys to ask contacts about their last interaction with your contact center. For more information, see About web surveys.

After you create the web survey, use Architect to create a flow for surveys. The survey invite flow can contain the survey’s invitation email to send to external contacts, including the sender, receiver, and survey URL. To help familiarize yourself with survey invite flows in Architect, review the following pages:

Page Description
About web surveys

Learn how to create and deploy web surveys, and to review survey results.

Navigate a survey invite flow

See examples and tips that help maximize invitations to web surveys.

Create a web survey

Learn how to create web surveys. For example, create a survey to ask contacts to rate their last interaction with your call center.

Create a survey invite flow Learn how to create a survey invite flow and also other flow types.
Manage data resources in the flow In addition to editing variables and viewing usage, you can add and filter variables for survey invite flows.
Expression help feature Learn how to access the built-in expression resource to assist when creating survey invite flow task expressions.
Work with expressions Use expressions to create sophisticated and complex flow calculations by selecting variables and operators.
Architect built-in variables See the list of Architect read-only, built-in variables for survey invite flows.
Manage a variable Edit a variable’s properties.

Icon Category Action Description
Call Common Module Call Common Module Reuse previously created logic stored in a common module flow.
Data Call Data Action Retrieve information about a customer from default or custom data actions integration in Genesys Cloud.
Data Table Lookup Retrieve data stored in a Genesys Cloud data table.
Get Response Use with the Send Auto Reply action to send an automated reply to a customer. This action enables you to personalize the survey invitation by adding specific details to the survey. For example, date of contact, customer name, agent name, communication type, and survey URL.
Update Data Assign values to flow or task level variables.
External Contacts Get External Contact Retrieve information about an existing external contact.
Get External Organization Use the Get External Organization action to find a specific organization, or with the Get External Contact action to find a specific person.
Search External Contacts Find one or more external contacts based on your search terms.
Find Find Queue Find a queue based on its string name at IVR runtime. Use this action to source data from a data action or data lookup tables. 
Find User Search for a Genesys Cloud user based on an email address at IVR runtime.
Find User by ID Reference a user dynamically and find that user based on a string name at IVR runtime.
Find Users by ID Reference Genesys Cloud users dynamically and find them based on a string at IVR runtime.
Logical Decision Direct the process branch, depending on whether a condition is true.
Switch This action is similar to a Decision action, and is easy to set when to evaluate multiple cases. Configure a switch action to specify what Architect does, when to do it, and under which circumstances.
Evaluate Schedule Use this action with the Evaluate Schedule Group action to make routing decisions based on previously defined schedules and schedule groups.
Evaluate Schedule Group Use this action with the Evaluate Schedule action to make routing decisions based on previously defined schedules and schedule groups.
Loop Loop Direct your process repeat a series of actions before it goes on to the next action in your design.
Next Loop Use the Next Loop action when, during the loop iteration, the flow encounters a false outcome and you want it to continue to the next iteration.
Exit Loop Use this action inside a Loop action to end and exit the current loop, and to continue flow execution by moving to the following action.
State State Jump the process directly to the beginning of a different state without any intervening steps.
Survey Invites Abort Survey Determine if the contact selects to opt out of surveys and if so, end the conversation even if the policy matches the contact.
Complete Survey Set up a customized email that invites your external contacts to take a survey after completing an interaction with an agent or representative.
Task Task Build complex IVR options; for example, group related steps of a process together to create a flow routine. 
Jump to Reusable Task Insert a complete task previously configured in the Reusable Tasks area.
Wait Wait Pause the survey invite process for a duration or until a time that you specify.