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As an agent, you will receive a notification when someone assigns a module to you. The notification stays in the inbox until you complete the module. 

The completion of learning modules enables agents to gain vital skills and knowledge to help them in their role. Organizations can create custom modules, specific to their company needs, ensuring you always have the most up to date and relevant knowledge or information.


When working with Development and Feedback, you can only create, work with, edit, and assign a feedback module in divisions for which you have permission. That is, you can only view data from the divisions that you are a member of. For more information, see Divisions overview and Assign roles, divisions, licenses, and add-ons.


You can review the content provided in the module content step and you can load the content in any order you desire. For more information, see Add content to a development and feedback module.

To view and complete a module:

  1. Click the module link in your inbox. 
  2. Start or continue the module. 
  3. View all of the content in the module.
  4. When you are finished with all of the content, click Complete.