Series: Find, view, and verify external contacts

Find, view, and verify a contact’s profile


The following permissions:

  • External Contacts > Conversation Associate
  • External Contacts > Contact > View
  • External Contacts > External Organization > View

Important: To build the interaction history for a contact and organization, remember to always verify the profile that is associated with an interaction. 

When an interaction begins, Genesys Cloud searches for a matching contact profile and, if found, verifies it for you. To verify that Genesys Cloud found the right contact profile, do the following:

  1. Accept an interaction. 
  2. Confirm whether Genesys Cloud verified the correct profile:
    • If Genesys Cloud correctly verified the profile, continue with the interaction.
    • If Genesys Cloud verified an incorrect profile, continue to Step 3.
    • If Genesys Cloud failed to verify the profile, proceed to Step 4.
  3. Click More and Cancel Verification.
  4. Search for the correct contact’s profile.
  5. Confirm whether your search found the correct profile.
    • If your search found the correct profile, click it.
    • If your search failed to find the correct profile, create a new profile
  6. To complete the verification, click Verify profile.

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