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The topology map displays details about the telephony network configuration of your Genesys Cloud organization. The topology map allows you to perform various operations:

  • See your entire Genesys Cloud telephony network, including sites, phones, edges, and trunks.
  • Get more detailed information by clicking the icons to drill down to sites, edges, and other telephony objects.
  • Display phone edge assignments.
  • Track down problems, such as offline and out-of-service edges.

View the map

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Telephony, click Topology.
  3. To view different areas of the map, click and drag with your mouse.
  4. To zoom in and out of the map, scroll with your mouse, click / , or use the + and – minus keys on your keyboard.
  5. Hover over icons on the map to reveal summary information.
  6. Click icons on the map reveal details and other options.

Click the image to enlarge.

Find a site or edge

If you want to quickly investigate a particular site or an edge, you can use the Find box.

  1. Click the in the Find box.
  2. Select Find a site or Find an Edge.
  3. Click the box and select an item from the list.

Phone edge assignments

You can add phone edge assignment details to the topology map. When you do, you see arrows that show connections between primary and secondary sites. To show those connections on the topology map:

  1. Click Overlays
  2. Select the Show Phone Edge Assignments check box.

Troubleshoot items that need attention

When you view the topology map, potential problems and locations appear. Follow the troubleshooting steps for the listed items.
Problem Troubleshooting steps
Sites lacking phone redundancy

A site requires at least two Edges to establish phone redundancy.

  • If you do not have a second Edge in service, follow the Setup Instructions for your Edge model to put that Edge online.
Sites with unused trunks

The trunk is assigned to a site but not assigned to an Edge interface. See Configure a network interface for Edge. If a trunk is disabled on purpose, consider removing the trunk from the site. 

Sites with disabled routes Put the outbound route in service with the Outbound Route State selector If a route is disabled on purpose, consider deleting the route.
Edges are online, but out-of-service Put the Edge in service. If you need to return an Edge, contact Genesys Cloud Customer Care.
Edges are offline, but in-service
  • Ensure that the Edge has connectivity from the Edge WAN port to the Internet and AWS.
  • Restart the Edge.
Edges are offline, and out-of-service
  • Ensure that the Edge is powered on.
  • Ensure that the Edge has connectivity from the Edge WAN port to the Internet and AWS.
    Note: This indicator can also appear during the normal software update of an Edge. After the software update completes, the indicator disappears.
  • If you need to return an Edge, contact Genesys Cloud Customer Care.
    Edges are not finished provisioning Locate your Edge model and follow the Setup Instructions.
    Edges with unused trunks
    • The trunk is assigned to an Edge, but the trunk is not assigned to an outbound route in the site. See Create an outbound route.
      Note: If a trunk is set up for inbound calls only, it does not need an outbound route assignment. You can ignore this item in that case.
    Genesys Cloud could not determine the map location of the following Sites
    • Set the location for the site. See Create a Site.
    • You may also need the Make a location available for sites procedure, if the desired location is not shown on the list of location selections. Verify that the entered address is valid and appears when entered on Google maps.