Functions an Edge provides

The Genesys Cloud Edge is a cloud managed network appliance that provides telephony for the Genesys Cloud solution. Edge combines a media server, SIP registrar, and SIP proxy into a single piece of hardware. You configure and manage Edge appliances and other telephony functions through the Genesys Cloud user interface. Every Edge provides the following features:

  • SIP gateway:  Connects a SIP network to other networks which use different protocols or technologies. (If the carrier/PSTN connectivity is via TDM trunks, such as a T1 or E1, a 3rd party digital/analog gateway is required.)
  • SIP proxy:  Provides client and server-side call matching. A proxy interprets, and, if necessary, rewrites specific parts of a request message before forwarding it.
  • Media server:  Manages audio recordings.
  • Call broker:  Provides call routing for inbound and outbound calls.  
  • Disaster recovery:  When disconnected from the Genesys Cloud service, an Edge falls back into a remote survivability mode in which it can offer basic telephony services, such as auto-attendant, fallback IVR, DID, extension dialing, voicemail, consult, transfer, fax, and local conferencing.
  • Phone provisioning:  Provides configuration settings for SIP phones.

Each Edge belongs to an Edge group and has an association with a site.

  • Associating an Edge with an Edge group gives the Edge access to the trunks connected to other Edges in the Edge group.
  • Associating the Edge with a site enables the system to provide location-based call routing.