View faxes in the inbox

  • Conversation > One Number Fax > Receive permission 

View your faxes in the inbox. You can also view received faxes in your workspace in Documents. There, you can share faxes with other users and organize them with tags, or you can delete them.

Note: Your fax number is the same as your main PureCloud number that others use to call you. If you do not have a phone number set up in PureCloud, contact your administrator. 

To view faxes sent to you in the inbox:

  1. Click the Inbox.Inbox icon
  2. Click Faxesfax inboxA thumbnail of each fax with the sender’s information appears for each fax. 
  3. To see a preview of the fax in a separate window or tab in your browser, select the fax. In addition to displaying the fax, selecting it changes its status to read and clears the notification. 
  4. To do more with the fax, click MoreMore Options menu
    • Mark the fax as unread or read.
    • Download the fax.
    • Share the fax.
    • Rename the fax.
    • Delete the fax.

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Fax preview