The following permissions:

  • External Contacts > Session > View
  • External Contacts > Contact > View  

The Customer Journeys tab displays a customer’s contextual journey history and provides a holistic view of all of the interactions that the customer has with the organization. The tab shows the customer data for the last 60 days. The supervisors enabled by the single customer view can see up-to-date stitched channel interactions of the External Contact.

Note: To view the journey history of the customer for the last 60 days, the agent must enable the customer journey tab. If no customer journey data exists, the customer journey tab does not appear.

To view the customer journey:

  1. Click Performance > Workspace > Interactions.
  2. To view the customer journey, click an interaction.
  3. Click the Customer Journeys tab.

Customer journey information is available for the conversations from the following channels:

      • Voice
        • Inbound calls
        • Agent-initiated outbound calls
      • Messaging
        • Web Messaging
        • Web chat
      • Digital
        • Email
        • SMS
        • Agentless notifications (WhatsApp and SMS)
      • Social media
        • WhatsApp
        • LINE
        • Twitter SM
        • Facebook Messenger
      • Website visits
        • Web Events (Genesys Predictive Engagement only)
        • Content Offers (Genesys Predictive Engagement only)

      Customer journey information is not available for the conversations from the following channels:

          • Callbacks
          • Campaigns
          • Open and Authenticated Messaging
          • Agentless email notifications 
          • Co-browse
          • Instagram DM

          If multiple interactions exist, the supervisor must visually correspond the date and time of the interaction within the list view. The journey data of the selected interaction does not highlight.

          When you click the interaction, you can view the following standard details for all the interactions:

          • Time stamp
          • Direction of interaction
          • Queue
          • Agent
          • Wrap-up code
          • Notes  
          Note: If multiple agents or queues are available, the journey tab only shows the data of the last interaction. During live interactions, the customer journey data appears only after they connect to an agent.