Add a user variable

This variable is a user type that Architect associates with configured users. In Architect, choose this type from a list box. From the user value, you can retrieve user-related information such as ID or username string values.

In a task sequence, you can add a user variable to an Update Data data action. For example, to an agent assigned to a specific account.

  1. From the Toolbox, expand the Data category and drag an Update Data action to the desired location in the task.
  2. On the Update Data design form, in the Name field, add a meaningful name to describe the item.
  3. Click next to Update Statements and select  User.
  4. In the Variable Name field, type the label to identify the variable on tasks.
  5. In the Value To Assign field, complete one of the following steps:
    • To set the user from literal mode, select the appropriate user from the drop-down list.
    • To set the user using an expression, click the expression modes button and perform one of the following steps:
      • Add the expression inline.
      • Click the Large Expression Editor button to open the Edit Expression Editor and build your expression.
  6. (Optional) To add another User variable, click next to Update Statements