Expressions allow you to create dynamic flows that adjust to specified circumstances. An expression is a fragment of logic that you can use in a flow to:

  • Define a condition that determines the logical path you want a flow to take. For example, an expression can set branching conditions. If an expression evaluates to true, then the flow takes the first “if” path. If it is false, the flow takes the second path.
  • Express a value to use for assignment. For example, specify the initial value of a call attribute using an expression that references call data, such as Call.Ani to store the caller’s ANI.

Use expressions to create sophisticated and complex call flow calculations by selecting variables and operators. Architect provides a robust set of tools to help you create automated calculations quickly and easily. This tool set includes a comprehensive list of elements to assist you with expression building and a series of best practice articles. You can create expressions for specific actions in task sequences, in prompt and audio scenarios, and transfer actions. For more information about expression building in Architect, see About literal and expression modes. For expression and flow creation best practices, see Expression tips and best practices.

Article Description
Expression modes and expression editing Learn how to access and use the different expression modes.
Work in the Edit Expression dialog box View the calculation features available from Edit Expression dialog box.
Work in the Edit Audio Sequence dialog box View the calculation features available from Edit Audio Sequence dialog box.
Architect Expression Help Use the Expression Help for assistance in building calculations. Examples include mathematical, statistical, text, date and time, logical, comparison, list, financial, audio, language, and type cast categories.
Expressions tips and best practices View tips and best practices when using the expression editor. Written from the developer’s perspective.
Switch between literal and expression modes Learn how to switch between literal mode and expression mode to enter content or calculations.
Use NOT_SET in expressions Review how to use NOT_SET in expressions to indicate undefined values. Written from the developer’s perspective.
Access properties on values in expressions Learn how to access properties on expression values. Written from the developer’s perspective.
Implicit casting in expressions Learn how Architect uses implicit conversions on expressions of different data types.
Operator precedence in expressions Understand how Architect determines precedence in an expression.
Use string literals in expressions View how to create string literals in expressions. Written from the developer’s perspective.
Validate expressions at design time Learn how Architect evaluates expressions at run-time and helps the flow author troubleshoot encountered issues.