Build a task

Careful consideration should be taken when planning and building a sequence of actions in the task editor. These task actions are available from the Architect Toolbox.

Workforce engagement for PureConnect and Genesys Engage users

This Genesys Cloud feature is not available to users from the PureConnect and Genesys Engage platforms.

Users from those platforms can supplement or replace their platform’s workforce engagement features with the robust and scalable features available in Genesys Cloud. For more information about how customers from those platforms use Genesys Cloud features, see the Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement for PureConnect Solution Guide and the Genesys Engage cloud User Guide.

These articles are designed to help the flow author build a task sequence. Administrators and editors can create and manage tasks. 

Task Description
Play audio in a task Set up a simple or complex ordered sequence of audio elements to playback to the caller.
Add a Call Bridge action to a task Retrieves a specific attribute about a contact from a Bridge Server database.
Add a Collect Input action to a task Prompt a caller to enter a string of digits; for example, a zip code or an account number.
Add a Get Participant Data action to a task Set up an attribute to retrieve from a call participant and branches the flow based on the result. 
Add a Set Participant Data action to a task Analyzes information about a call and branches the flow based on the result. 
Add a Set Screen Pop data action to a task Configures a dialog box that autonomously appears on an agent’s workstation with information about the call. This information is derived from pre-defined scripts, but may require variable configuration in Architect when added to the flow.
Add an Update Data data action to a task Assign values to flow or task level variables.
Add a Dial By Extension action to a task Use Dial By Extension to set up functionality that allows the caller to dial and be transferred to a specific extension. 
Add a Disconnect action to a task Provide an exit path for the task sequence
Add a Set Language action to a task Allow callers to select the desired language in which to hear prompts.
Add a Decision action to a task Make the process branch, depending on whether or not a condition is true. 
Add a Switch action to a task Specifies the path a flow takes depending on what, if any, pre-defined constraints the call meets.
Add a Loop action to a task Direct the process to repeat a series of actions before it goes on to the next action in your design.
Add a Menu action to a task Use the Jump to Menu menu action to give callers the option of transferring immediately to a designated menu. Use the Previous menu action to give callers the option of transferring to the previous menu.
Add a Jump to Reusable Task action to a task Direct the process to a complete task previously configured in the Reusable Tasks area.
Add a Transfer action to a task Add a transfer action to transfer a caller into queuing system, directly to a Genesys Cloud user, to an external number, or to another flow.
Add a Hold Music action to a task This action sets up the audio prompt and prompt behavior the caller experiences when waiting in a queue. This action is only available for in-queue flows.
Add a Set Wrapup Code action to a task Use this action allows agents to select the desired wrap-up code in which to assign to the call. 
End the task sequence When you create a task sequence in the task editor, the task must always have an end result.