Use learning to improve your bot

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Access the Learning area from your Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flow or Genesys Digital Bot Flow’s Insights and Optimizations > Optimization DashboardLearning . In the Learning section, improve your bot by training it to recognize intents and slots accurately. For more information, see Learning overview.

Assign utterances to intents

You can add unrecognized utterance to intents.

  • Select an utterance. To add that utterance to the intent, under the Predicted Intent column click Confirm.
  • Alternatively, you can choose one or more utterances and use the Assign to Intent option to associate an intent to the utterance.

Architect maps the utterance to the predicted intent. The utterance moves to the intent and you can now map it to slots from the intent’s Utterances tab.

Delete unrelated utterances

Choose an utterance from the workspace and click Delete . The utterance is removed from the workspace.

Filter utterances

You can filter the list of utterances by status or by intent.

  • Click the Filter by Status option and select a status filter:
    • All: Displays all utterances
    • Incorrect: Displays utterances that map to an intent; however, the match could be incorrect
    • Correct: Displays utterances where the intent identifies correctly
    • Unknown: Displays utterances that the bot cannot correctly map to the intent
  • Click the Filter by Intent drop-down and select an intent filter:
    • All: Displays all utterances
    • None: Displays utterances where the bot could not predict an intent

You can also search the utterances for a specific keyword using the Search field.