Use divisions to manage access to outbound dialing objects

The lists that tell outbound dialing whom to call, and whom not to call, have a division setting. This association helps an organization to restrict outbound administrators who have the same role or permissions, from managing configuration objects outside their assigned division. In addition, Genesys Cloud requires each campaign to belong to a division.

A division is an office location, country, business unit, brand, or any other classification that your business defines.

By associating each campaign, do-not-call list, or contact list with a division, organizations can exert granular control over the objects that an outbound administrator can access. For example, the administrator of a contact center in Los Angeles cannot administer campaigns in a New York contact center.

New and existing administrative objects belong to the Home division until an administrator moves them to a different division. An administrative object may belong to only one division. Home is the only division that exists by default. The administrative objects that support divisions include:

    • Call routing objects
    • Coaching appointments
    • Contact lists
    • Data tables
    • Do not contact lists
    • Emergencies
    • Extensions
    • Flows
    • Flow milestones
    • Flow outcomes
    • Learning modules
    • Management units
    • Message routing objects
    • Outbound campaigns
    • Queues
    • Schedules
    • Schedule groups
    • Users

    Each campaign, Do Not Contact list, or contact list has a required division setting. Related administrative views display the division assigned to each object. Views which display division include the Campaigns dashboard, Contact Lists view, and Do Not Contact lists view.