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  • Genesys Cloud CX 2, Genesys Cloud CX 2 Digital, Genesys Cloud CX 3, Genesys Cloud CX 3 Digital or Genesys Cloud CX 1 Digital Add-on II license
  • Journey Management Creator or Editor role

    This article presents a sample use case for how to work with journey management. The use case shows a journey from which analysts can understand how many customers can perform self-service within a specific flow.

    1. Log in to your Genesys Cloud account and click the Journey Management menu. Genesys Cloud navigates you to the Journey Management screen.
    2. Create a new journey.
    3. To enter Edit mode and modify a journey, click Edit.
    4. Start to add events to your journey.
      1. Drag and drop a Voice > Voice Start event, which signifies an event when the customer joins a voice call.
      2. Next, add an IVR/IVR VA (Voice Assistant) > IVR Start event and for example, rename it Make a payment. Apply a filter for flowID and select the specific flow. This event signifies the customer’s intent to make a payment during their journey.
        Apply a flowID filter
      3. In this next step, add two end events.
        1. Add a regular IVR/IVR VA > IVR End, which signifies the end of the voice call, no matter how the voice call ends. Add a conversation connection: in this way, you know that the interaction started and ended in the same IVR call flow.
        2. As the other end, add Voice > Agent Start, which signifies a voice conversation if the customer connected to an agent. Add a conversation connection: in this way, you know that the interaction with the agent started from the beginning IVR call flow.
          Note: Make sure you add the Agent Start event respectively to the channel. Voice, Email, Chat, and SMS/Text all have the Agent Start event, but you need the Agent Start, which corresponds to your channel – in this example case, Voice > Agent Start.
      4. Add a conversation connection to the Voice Start: in this way, you can know that the Make a payment flow originated from the same IVR call flow.
        Add connections
    5. Click Save to save the journey.
    6. Click Calculate to calculate the respective numbers for each event.

    Determine the ratio of self-serving customers

    1. To calculate the self-service rate, divide the Agent start event number by the IVR StartMake a Payment event number and multiply it with 100 to get the percentage. This percentage number is the ratio of customers who were not able to self-service and Genesys Cloud connected them to an agent.
    2. To get the actual ratio of customers who were able to use self-service, subtract this percentage from 100%. For example, if the ratio of customers who connect to an agent is 30%, the ratio of customers who were able to use self-service is 70%.
    Note: Consider that the IVR end does not signify customers who were successfully able to finish their call with self-service. IVR End includes every possible call end scenario: call disruptions, successful and unsuccessful self-serving calls, abandoned calls. IVR End signifies the completion of the flow, no matter how the flow completes.