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Journey management consolidates and aggregates real-time interaction data with profiles, context, and other relevant data that captures customer behavior across channels and flows. Embedded analytics, insight, and visualization enable customers to understand customer behavior, identify journey bottlenecks, and optimize journeys for better outcomes.

  • Automatic data collection through Event Data Platform
  • Augmented customer profiles using identity resolution
  • Dynamic experience analysis and optimization

Customer journey management

Customer journey management focuses on the paths customers take as they seek to achieve a goal, instead of maximizing single interactions or individual flows. It enables you to not only measure, monitor and optimize CX, but align your entire organization with your customers’ goals.

Customer-centric organizations use customer journey management to:

  • Identify the journeys that matter based on customer goals and business outcomes
  • Measure and monitor the in-journey signals that predict journey success
  • Prioritize underperforming journeys for investment

Benefits of a journey management approach

These sections outline the benefits of a journey management approach.

Optimize customer experience

CX leaders use customer journey management to measure, monitor, and optimize their customers’ experiences. The constant monitoring of journey performance allows you to identify which journeys or moments within a journey need improvement. You can also prioritize each improvement by how it potentially affects journey scores and other CX KPIs.

Accelerate digital transformation

To meet evolving customer expectations and compete in today’s rapidly changing landscape, companies often focus on transforming outdated experiences and the underlying processes and systems that support them. Chief digital officers can use customer journey management to give the simple digital experiences their customers want, while minimizing costly and often frustrating human interactions.

Improve customer service while reducing costs

Monitoring journeys over time and across channels allows customer service leaders to improve escalation management. They can isolate the cause of serious cases and determine how many other customers are experiencing the same issue, and then they can avoid or reduce those issues more efficiently to reduce costs.

Extend revenue

Today, companies are more likely to win consumers with experiences rather than products and services. Marketing leaders know it’s important to deliver differentiated experiences as potential clients or customers shop and buy, but most face challenges. If your organization is managing customer journeys, you have the capabilities to track acquisition journeys across channels and ensure that each interaction reflects the unique experience each consumer has with your business.