Use canned responses during agent interactions


The following permissions:

  • Responses > Response > View
  • Responses > Library > View

Agents can find and use canned responses in the Interactions panel. Agents can read responses during a call or insert and send responses in chat interactions. 

To access canned responses from the Interactions panel, click Canned Responses  .

  1. From an interaction, click Canned Responses  .
  2. Click a library from the libraries listed. 
  3. Click a response name. The response’s text displays.
  4. If the response’s text is too long to display in the responses list, to view the full response, click

    expand .

  1. From an interaction, click Canned Responses  .
  2. In the Find response field, type a part of the response you are looking for. The search term can be a part of the response name or in the response itself. 
  3. Click Enter. Search results, including the response name and library name, appear. 
  4. To display the full response and library name, select a response name.

  1. In a chat interaction, click Canned Responses .
  2. Find and select the response you want to use. 
  3. Click Insert .
    Genesys Cloud inserts the response in chat window. The response replaces and deletes any previous unsent text.

  • A response can have formatting, such as bulleted lists or custom hyperlinks. This formatting does not display the same way in the chat window as it does after you send it to the customer. To learn more about formatting in chats, see Format text in chats.
  1. Select the chat window and press Enter to send the chat message.

  1. In an email interaction, click Canned Responses .
  2. Find and select the response you want to use. 
  3. In the email reply, place your cursor where you want to insert the canned response.
  4. Click Insert .

  1. To complete the email message, continue to type in the reply field.
  2. To send the reply, click Send.
  3. Complete any required after call work and click Done.