Canned responses are pre-written answers to commonly asked questions that agents can use during an interaction. Agents can either read the response to a customer or insert the response into a message, chat, or email.

Canned responses save time and ensure consistency. Rather than retype the same response, you choose a previously composed response from a library. Libraries organize responses by subject, team, or another classification that makes sense in your business. A library represents a set of standard responses that agents can use to answer a general category of questions. Examples of libraries include:

  • Promotions and Sales
  • Troubleshooting
  • Contact information

A library can have any number of responses in it. Responses can contain substitutions, which are placeholders for runtime values. An example is {{CUSTOMER_NAME}}. When you insert a response into a message, chat, or email, Genesys Cloud replaces all occurrences of {{CUSTOMER_NAME}} with the customer’s name. By default, substitutions are available for Agent_alias, Agent_name, and Customer_name. You can define your own. See Custom Substitutions in the About Substitutions article.

Roles and permissions govern the use of canned responses. Agents with the Genesys Cloud User role can view libraries, search for responses, and view responses. To find and use canned responses, agents click Canned Responses in the Interactions panel. 

If your Interactions panel does not display the Canned Responses icon, contact your Genesys Cloud administrator.

    Users with Responses > All > All permission can manage libraries (add, edit, delete), manage responses (add, edit, delete), search responses, and assign a response to a library. To manage libraries and responses, click Admin. Then click Canned Responses below Contact Center.

    For more information, see About canned responses.