This article describes the roles required for setup and operation of Genesys Cloud.

Customer roles

  • Architect/Call Flow Administrator — Responsible for constructing call flows using Architect.
  • Business Champion — Provides resources and funding for the implementation, removes organizational roadblocks, and articulates the business vision during project implementation.
  • Contact Center Manager — Responsible for configuring and running contact center activities such as outbound dialing campaigns, scripts, quality evaluations, and workforce management schedules.
  • Contact Center Agent — Performs inbound and outbound customer interactions by phone, email, or chat. Responsible for joining queues, annotating recordings, viewing evaluations, and assigning wrap-up codes.
  • Contact Center Supervisor — Acts in a managerial role to the agents and handles such responsibilities as managing queues, generating reports, managing wrap-up codes and canned responses, viewing performance data, and reviewing call recordings.
  • Designated Support Contact — Acts as the liaison between the customer and Genesys Cloud Support. Responsibilities include maintaining a general understanding of Genesys Cloud services and participate in support ticket troubleshooting.
  • Infrastructure Expert — Acts as point of contact for any LAN/WAN/telecom-related activities during project implementation.
  • Project Manager — Acts as a point of contact for resource management, logistics coordination, and internal communications management during project implementation.
  • Genesys Cloud Administrator — Responsible for daily operation, user and group administration, configuration changes, usage policies, and collection of materials needed by Genesys Cloud Support like conversation IDs or console logs.
  • Genesys Cloud Developer — Responsible for creating applications that use the Genesys Cloud APIs or integration capabilities. Familiar with web programming and REST APIs.

Genesys Cloud roles

  • Customer Success Manager — Responsible for the customer relationship and alignment of ongoing initiatives of Genesys product lines.
  • Genesys Project Manager — Acts as the primary point of contact and is responsible for leading the Professional Services team delivering the Genesys Cloud deployment. The Project Manager leads a team of technical consultants. This team helps deploy your platform to meet your desired business outcomes.
  • Pre-Sales Engineer — Responsible for assisting customers with the technical evaluation of Genesys product lines.
  • Technical Account Manager (TAM) — Acts as a trusted adviser to ensure that Genesys Cloud services are meeting or exceeding customer needs and expectations when customers purchase Premier Success Services.  For more information, see the Technical Account Manager (TAM) overview.