Upload an audio file

You can upload .wav audio files to use as user prompts. For more information about supported audio file formats, as well as prompt resources, language, and behavior, see About prompts.

  1. From the Architect home page, click or hover over the Prompts menu and select User.
  2. Select the check box next to the prompt for which you want to add audio and click the Edit button. The Edit Prompt page opens.
  3. In the Language Resources area, locate the language to which you want to add audio and select the Add Audio link.
  4. From the menu that appears, choose Upload…. The Upload Audio dialog box opens.
  5. Click the Select audio file to import link and navigate to the location where your audio file is stored
  6. To preview the audio file, press the Play button.
  7. Click Upload. Architect processes the audio.
  8. Click OK to close the Edit Prompt dialog box.