Understand dictionary management

Dictionary management enables you to enhance the accuracy and likelihood of the recognition of organization-specific terms. With dictionary management, Genesys Cloud speech and text analytics recognize unique language subtleties, brand names, industry-specific terms, or internal acronyms of each organization across languages and dialects. This feature includes information about correct pronunciation, and sounds like of words.

Key features

  • Dictionary management includes a list of all organization terms currently in use.
  • Each term relates to a single dialect.
  • Administrators can search the list by term and filter it by dialect.
  • Each dialect accommodates up to 500 terms.
  • Administrators can add up to 10 terms with alternative spellings, aiding in phonetic comprehension.
  • Administrators can provide up to 20 example phrases per term to contextualize usage.
  • Each term has a maximum of 30 characters.
  • Terms are not case-insensitive.
  • Any additions or updates made to the dictionary automatically reflect throughout the entire organization.
  • Dictionary management improves the accuracy of transcription both in regular and low latency modes.

For more information, see Work with dictionary management, and Voice transcription – What is dictionary management ?.