Stop persistent connection

Note: This article applies to PureCloud Embeddable Framework, PureCloud for Chrome, PureCloud for Firefox, PureCloud for Salesforce, and PureCloud for Zendesk.

You can stop a persistent connection through the menu (Chrome browsers only) or the arrow at the top of the client.

Warning: Do not stop a persistent connection while you are connected to a call. Otherwise, the client disconnects the call.

  1. Click Menu  > More .
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click WebRTC.
  4. In the WebRTC section, click Stop Persistent Connection.

The client immediately stops the persistent connection.

  1. Click Arrow .
  2. Click the name of your phone. 
  3. Click Stop Persistent Connection.
    Note: In Firefox, the client does not include Open WebRTC Settings under the name of your phone.
    Settings under phone name

The client immediately stops the persistent connection.

For more information, see Persistent connection.

For more information about the integrations, see About the PureCloud browser extensionsAbout PureCloud Embeddable Framework, About PureCloud for Salesforce, and About PureCloud for Zendesk.