This article describes how to start and pause a campaign.

Campaign Pause/Stop methods

Once a campaign is running, it can stop in one of two ways:

  • Automatically – The campaign automatically stops/completes when it reaches the last record in the contact list. In this scenario, if that campaign turns on again, the system dials from the first record onward.
  • Manually – An administrator can manually stop (turns off) the campaign. In this scenario, when the campaign restarts, the system picks up where it left off in the contact list; it cannot start from the first record in the list.

Note: If an Edge fails or loses connection to the cloud, resulting in failed campaign calls, campaigns will turn off automatically.

Campaign execution and error states

Campaigns have two execution states and one error state.

Execution states:

  • On indicates that a campaign is running.
  • Off indicates that the campaign has paused or completed. A green check mark in the Dialing Progress column denotes completed campaigns.

Error state:

If there is a problem with the campaign configuration – meaning the campaign can’t be turned on – the On and Off slider switch is replaced by a red exclamation point to indicate an error.  Campaigns are invalid if a queue or other resource is no longer available or the contact list has an error, for example.

Start or Pause a campaign

To start or pause a campaign:

    1. Click Admin.

    2. Under Outbound, click Campaign Management.

    3. Click the Voice Campaigns or Digital Campaigns tab.

    4. To change the running state of a campaign, set the slider switch to the On position to turn the campaign on, or set the slider switch to the Off position to pause it. 

Note: The limit for campaigns active at one time is 50. This includes campaigns in the ON, STOPPING, or FORCED_STOPPING states.