Start or pause a campaign

A campaign dials its contact list in top to bottom order until it reaches the last record and completes. But administrators can manually stop (turn off) the execution of a campaign. A manually stopped campaign resumes at the next record when it restarts. A manually recycled campaign resumes at the first record.

During a campaign, as agents assign wrap-up codes to record the outcome of call attempts, wrap-up mappings flag phone numbers and contacts as uncallable. A terminating wrap-up code is any wrap-up defined for a queue, whose wrap-up code mapping is “Right Party Contact,” “Contact Uncallable,” or “Number Uncallable.” Eventually, a campaign completes because the system flags all records as uncallable, based on the assignment of terminating wrap-up codes.

To start or stop a campaign:

  1. Click Admin.

  2. Under Outbound Dialing, click Campaign Management.

  3. Click the Campaigns tab.

  4. To change the running state of a campaign, turn the campaign on or off. Campaigns have two execution states, and one error state.

    • On indicates that a campaign is running.

    • Off indicates that the campaign has paused or completed. A green check mark in the Dialing Progress column denotes completed campaigns.

      The execution state indicator says On or Off, but campaigns which are not dialing either pauses or completes. That affects whether dialing resumes at the next record, or from the top:

      • If a campaign runs uninterrupted, and it dials all numbers in its contact list until it has attempted them all. Then it turns off automatically, having completed. If that campaign turns on again, it dials from the first record onward.

      • If an administrator or a schedule turns off a campaign, it enters a paused state. When that campaign turns on manually or by a schedule, it resumes dialing at the next unattempted record in its contact list.

      Paused campaigns always resume at the next record. New or previously completed campaigns start at the first record. There is no way to “recycle” a paused campaign, which would tell a partially completed campaign to dial starting from the first record in its contact list.

  5. An exclamation point indicates that the campaign configuration is invalid.


    This indicator replaces the slider switch since an invalid campaign cannot start or stop. Campaigns are invalid if a queue or other resource is no longer available, or the contact list has an error, for example.

Understand the “No Active Edges” error

It is possible for placement of campaign calls to fail because Edges have failed or lost their connection to the cloud. If placing calls fails because there are no active edges in the Edge group chosen for the campaign, then the campaign turns off automatically.