The sequences view allows an administrator to define a sequence of chained campaigns. Instead of starting and stopping campaigns one at a time, administrators start or stop the sequence. When using sequences, the next campaign begins when the previous campaign’s attempts and interactions have completed.Shows screen cap of campaign sequences view

To open this view

  1. Click Admin.

  2. Under Outbound, click Campaign Management.

  3. Click the Sequences tab.

To sort this view

Click the Name column. The caret in the Name heading indicates whether the column sorts in ascending or descending order. In addition, you can filter what is listed by typing all or part of a name in the Search box.

Columns in the view

Column Description
Check Boxes To select items for processing by an action such as copy or delete, administrators check the first column.
Status The status column displays whether a sequence is running or not. You can start or stop sequences like individual campaigns. Administrators can use the slider switch to run or pause a sequence.

Indicates that a sequence runs each campaign to completion according to the following rules:

  • If an administrator manually stops the sequence and restarts it, the sequence attempts to resume the previously active campaign at its last location in the contact list.
  • The next campaign starts when the previous campaign has completed all its interactions.
  • The sequence skips any campaigns whose contact list or queue is in use. If no campaigns can start, the sequence stops.
  • If a campaign is already running when a sequence starts, the sequence skips to the next campaign.
  • A sequence completes when it has attempted or finished all campaigns.
status_off Indicates that the sequence paused, but has not completed.
status_completed Indicates that the sequence completed after having attempted to dial all contacts for its campaigns.
Progress n of total / name The progress column indicates which campaign in the sequence is running. For example, if the sequence has four campaigns, and the second in the sequence is dialing, “2 of 4” displays, followed by a slash and the name of that campaign.
Name The name of each sequence is a hyperlink. When clicked, it opens the properties of the sequence. A text box at the top of this column filters the list to display only those sequences whose names completely or partially match text typed by the user.