The following permissions:

  • Architect > Flow > Add
  • Architect > Flow > Edit
  • Architect > FlowView

Architect allows the flow author to link together predefined operations, or flows, to create simple or sophisticated menu applications. Non-programmers can create and manage menu interactions by filling out and linking forms in Architect. Architect compares calls to user-defined variables that determine how to process the call. 

Note: Newly created flows take a few seconds to appear. Because authors typically configure the flow immediately, this delay may go unnoticed. To update the current list, click Refresh on the Architect Home page.

To help familiarize yourself with Architect features, review the following pages:

Page Features you can configure

Set the timeout behavior

Set up a caller’s predetermined amount of time to enter digits before the system times out.

DTMF and speech recognition settings in menus

When you add an action to menu choices, Architect provides exclusive menu settings that are not available when you use the action in a task sequence. These actions include DTMF and speech recognition. 

About Architect toolboxes

On the call flow’s main page, the Toolbox includes action categories to help build the starting menu and reusable menus. In the task editor, the Toolbox provides action categories and options to create complex IVR operations.

Configure a call flow’s default settings

Set up the default call flow behavior for menus, speech recognition, event handling, supported language, and actions.


View flow resources

Manage and view details about the string variables and prompts used within the call flow. View or navigate to the location in the call flow where the resource exists.

About audio sequences

Set up an ordered sequence of audio elements to play to the caller in menus and tasks.

Task and state editor actions

In the task editor, Architect provides several tools to help you build a sequence of actions to make up a task.