Common call flow design tasks

A well-designed flow is essential to creating a good first impression for your callers. Careful consideration should be taken when planning and implementing the flow, including:

  • How many items should be in each menu
  • How many levels deep the menus should be
  • Appropriate prompts to direct the customer to action
  • Task sequencing for complex or detailed groups of actions

For more information on basic steps to building a flow, as well as roles and Architect user read-only, editor, or admin permissions, see the Related articles.

Call flow tasks explained (video)  

These articles are designed to help the flow designer with building the flow. Flow administrators and editors can create and manage flow operations. 

Task Description
Create a flow Create a new inbound, outbound, or in-queue flow.
Specify speech recognition settings Specify default settings for the configuration’s speech recognition behavior.
Select a flow's supported languages Add language resources and specify the default language for prompt playback.
Add a menu Add a starting menu, or add a reusable menu.
Create a simple menu choice Create a menu choice that ties to a digit and, optionally, speech recognition, and represent a list of options for the caller.
Create a sub-menu Create a sub-menu to add branches to your existing auto-attendant menu.
Create a Select Language menu Create a menu that gives callers the option of selecting a preferred language.
Override default speech recognition settings Modify default speech recognition settings as defined in the flow’s Settings area.
Enter speech recognition terms Enter keywords and phrases a caller might use to verbally indicate the location to which they want to transfer. 
Set up a Transfer to Number action Transfer a call to a telephone number outside of your organization.
Set up a Transfer to Flow action Transfer the current call to another flow defined for this server.
Set up a Transfer to User action Send a call to a specific person or agent. 
Set up a Transfer to Voicemail action Send a call to a user's voicemail.
Delete a menu choice or task action at the flow level Delete a menu choice from a main menu, reusable menu, reusable task, or task editor. Delete a task action from a task in the task editor.