Text configured in the Selected Value property will be assigned to a bound Value string variable when a radio button is selected. The bound variable is configured using the Value setting.

For example, suppose that a form has 2 radio buttons, and that both are bound to a string variable named myChoice. If the Selected Value Text of the first radio button is “Dogs”, and the second “Cats”, then at runtime the value of myMyChoice is:


  • MyChoice’s default value until a radio buttons is selected.

  • “Dogs” when the first radio button is selected.

  • “Cats” when the second radio button is selected.

Testing your work

If you embed {{MyChoice}} in a text field, you can see how this works in preview mode. If you are unfamiliar with the technique of displaying variables on a page, see Use braces to display variable values.


In preview mode, the value of MyChoice is “Dogs” or “Cats” when a radio button is selected.