Sets text color to one of the following:

  • Default—Assigns the default color.

  • Color—allows you to select from a palette of common colors, or choose your own by entering RGB values or by moving the color picker to a new spectrum position. Setting the color for text and background is a property in the Appearance panel. This property panel is only available for components that have the color functionality.
    Click Choose to assign the current selection.


  • Variable—assigns a color stored in a string variable. For example, to assign dark blue:

    1. Click the Variables tab.

    2. Click + to add a variable.

      Figure shows button that adds a new variable.

    3. Select String as the type of value the new variable stores.

    4. Type a descriptive name in the Name box.

    5. Set Default Value to 0000FF or #0000FF—which is the hexadecimal code for dark blue.


    6. Click Apply.
    7. Assign the variable to this color property.