This property applies to dropdown components only. It adds or removes list items from a dropdown.

  1. By default, a dropdown has no items. To add choices for users to select from, expand the Advanced property group.


  2. Click Edit List under Options.

  3. Click Add New Item.

  4. For each item, configure text to display and a return value:


    • Set Value to a unique string or number. When the item is chosen, value indicates which item the user selected. Value can optionally be assigned by a variable.

    • Set Display to text a user can choose in the drop list. Display text can optionally be assigned by a variable.

  5. Click Add to save the item.

  6. The Editing List popover summarizes items added. You can reorder items by clicking up/down arrows, delete items by clicking the trash icon, or add additional list items to the dropdown.


  7. Click Add New Item to add additional items.

  8. When finished, dismiss the popover by clicking its close box.