Screen recording overview

Use screen recording along with interaction recording to determine how effectively agents handle interactions. Synchronized playback of interactions and screen recording provides a full view of agent activity.

Screen recording can help to identify:

  • Why certain types of interactions take longer to handle than others.
  • How well agents understand the applications.
  • Whether workflow issues relate to agent problems or to system issues.
  • How agents handle multiple overlapping interactions.
  • Whether agents access unauthorized activity.
  • Best practices for handling interactions.

To use screen recording, create a policy and choose screen recording settings. PureCloud screen recording has the following features:

Screen record agent desktop activity

ACD interactions can have both an interaction recording and a screen recording. The interaction recording is an audio or text record of the interaction. The screen recording is a video of the agents’ desktop activity while they handle ACD interactions. For example, while an agent handles a call, you can also record the agent’s desktop. When you create a policy, you can specify whether to start a screen recording for different interaction types.

  • Screen recording is only available for the PureCloud desktop apps during ACD interactions. If agents use the web app or take a non-ACD interaction, PureCloud does not record their screens.
  • For screen recording with Windows use version 1.11.478 or later.
  • For screen recording with Mac we recommend MacOS 10.13: High Sierra or later. If you use Catalina, then you need to set the OS permission for the desktop app to allow screen recording. For more information about setting this permission, see
  • PureCloud does not support screen recording while an agent is logged in to the same PureCloud account on more than one desktop app. PureCloud records both screens but only retains one of the recordings. You cannot select which recording to retain.

Simultaneously play back recording and applicable audio

Users with the correct permissions can play back the screen recording and simultaneously listen to the interaction’s audio, if applicable. Video of the agent’s screen appears in a pop-out window. For text-based interaction types, you can view the screen recording and the interaction’s text at the same time.

Note: Screen recordings have a maximum length of 9 hours.

Sync secure pause of audio and screen recording

When an agent starts a secure pause, screen recording also pauses. Audio and screen recording therefore remain in sync, and sensitive information is not recorded.

Note: PureCloud pauses screen recording during secure pause, but resumes recording the screen when the secure pause ends. Train agents to hide sensitive information on their screens before they end a secure pause.

Record the agent’s primary monitor

PureCloud records the entire desktop of the agent’s primary monitor, as defined by the agent’s operating system.

Use policies to specify whether screen recording continues after agent transfer

Policies determine whether screen recording happens when agents transfer an ACD interaction. For example, policies can state that Queue A has screen recording, but Queue B does not. If an agent in Queue A transfers an interaction to Queue B, then screen recording ends when the transfer is completed. Only the portion of the conversation from Queue A has a screen recording.

Set the maximum simultaneous number of screen recordings

To minimize negative effects on your network, you can set the maximum number of simultaneous screen recordings for the entire organization. For example, if you set the maximum at 100 simultaneous screen recordings, then PureCloud does not create extra screen recordings if 100 are currently in progress. For more information, see Recording management.

Choose whether to record after call work

When you create a screen recording policy, you choose whether to record after call work. 

Prevent agents from disabling screen recording

PureCloud does not notify agents when it is recording their screens. Agents also cannot disable screen recording. 

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

PureCloud ‘s screen recording technology can work in a VDI environment with the proper VDI configuration. Therefore, successful use of screen recording requires tuning and additional testing at scale by your VDI provider.