To establish a pairing between two organizations, you must have specific permissions in your home organization. 

Note: When granting system access to another user or group (“permitted user”), be aware that you are responsible for how the permitted user uses your system. Genesys is not responsible for any misuse of data, change to configuration, etc.

Initiate a pairing request

To initiate the pairing request, you need one of these permissions:

  • Authorization > Org Trustee > All
  • Authorization > Org Trustee > Add

Authorize the pairing request

To authorize the pairing request, you need these permissions:

  • Authorization > Org Trustor > All 
  • Authorization Org Trustor > View

Authorize users and groups

To authorize users and groups from another organization to work in your organization, you need these permissions:

  • Authorization > Org Trustee User > Add
  • AuthorizationOrg Trustee User > View
  • Authorization > Org Trustee Group > Add
  • Authorization > Org Trustee Group > View
  • Authorization > Role > View

Note: It can take up to five minutes for permission updates to make their way through Genesys Cloud and take effect.