• The following permissions:
    • Authorization > Org Trustor > All
    • AuthorizationOrg Trustor > View
    • Authorization > Org Trustee Group > Add
    • Authorization > Org Trustee Group > View
    • Authorization > Role > View
  • A pairing link sent by Genesys Cloud support. 

To access your Genesys Cloud organization, the Genesys Product Support team may ask to pair their Genesys Cloud Customer Care Support Team organization to your organization. You can control their access to your organization by assigning roles, and you can revoke their access at any time. For more information, see Genesys Cloud Customer Care Support Orgs: Details & FAQ (My Support Portal login required). For more information about working with authorized organizations, see About authorized organizations in the Resource Center. 

Product Support does not routinely make changes for customers and most of their access to your organization is limited to viewing configuration. If Product Support must make changes inside your organization, for example when performing testing to reproduce an issue, they notify you of any changes that they made. They usually revert these changes when they have completed testing. Any changes that would cause disruption to your business activity are only implemented with your agreement.

To support testing inside your organization, Product Support may add themselves as a cloned user. Their cloned user appears in your organization under People and Permissions and has a Genesys email address. Cloned users must access your organization through the pairing with the Genesys Cloud Customer Care Support Team organization and are not able to log in to your organization directly. Product Support notifies you when they must add themselves to your organization as a cloned user, and they remove themselves when they have completed testing.

To pair your organization with the Genesys Cloud Customer Care Support Team organization, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Genesys Cloud organization.
  2. To access the pairing request page, open the pairing link sent by Product Support.
    Note: The pairing link expires after seven days, and you can use it only one time. If your link expired, ask your Product Support representative for a new one.
  3. From the pairing request page, click Yes, I authorize access.
  4. Click the Groups tab. 
  5. Assign roles to the PureCloud Customer Care group by selecting roles in the Role(s) column. Ensure that the roles that you add to the pairing include at least the minimum permissions necessary for access through authorized organizations. Product Support recommends that you either assign every administrative role to their group or create a new role with all permissions and assign it to their group. If Product Support determines that they are missing necessary permissions in your organization, they will request that you grant these additional permissions by adding further roles to the pairing.
    Note: Genesys Cloud does not bill your organization for the roles or licenses used by Customer Care, including access as a cloned user.